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HMS Group - September 27, 2011

June 2011 - HMS participated in the installation of a new sound system on board of the giant barge Nantilus in Nantes, France.

A Little bit of history:
This floating restaurant was designed by the renowned naval architect Olivier Flahault for the Compagnie des Rivages. The name of the ship refers to the fictional submarine featured in Jules Verne's novels "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the sea" and "The Mysterious Island".
Located in the heart of Nantes, on the north bank of the "Ile de Nantes" and facing the town the "Nantilus" is a major river attraction, which offers a spectacular view over the Loire river and the city of Nantes. It is 57 meters long, 16 meters wide and 8 meters high and, with three different levels, looks like a stationary cruise ship.

The "Nantilus" has three decks with different type of facilities:

Deck 1 is a Conference and Reception Center
This is 550 m2 open space area, which can be divided into three zones due to the client's requirements. The audio project was studied according to this request and the central audio system can be dispatched into one to three different audio sources controlled with an individual or centralized volume control panel. The main rack was equipped with a BSS processing, BSS audio Matrix and TASCAM CD+iPod player. The audio system consists of 16 Meyer MM-4 loudspeakers driven by two Crown amplifiers and flanked by two Meyer MM-10 subwoofers. These loudspeakers were chosen because of their incredible sound rendering, despite of their small size, and were specially painted to be integrated in the architectural design. The whole audio system was completed with a SENNHEISER HF system with a microphone, and for the special events the DJ interface was added.
A video system was also installed in this area. Two Samsung TV LED 55" were integrated in the red chimney, and a MITSUBISHI projector into the false lamp, considering the existing lamp design. A motorized 2.4 x 1.5 m screen was installed to be flush with the ceiling. The video system is controlled with a Kramer video matrix located in the main rack.

Deck 2 is about 150-seat Restaurant with a wide terrace
The main goal of the audio system on this deck is to achieve a good background sound coverage that doesn't disturb people during the meal time, as well as to provide the most powerful disco music. The system includes: 14 MM-4 Meyer loudspeakers and two JBL speakers. There is also a small meeting room equipped with a projector and projection screen, where it is possible to listen to the same music of the main room or the sound coming from the video source.

Deck 3 is a freely accessible area to the public
There is a bar with a terrace that offers a spectacular view over the Loire River and the city of Nantes. Following customer's specifications, loudspeakers were integrated in the large ceiling recesses. HMS found the small black CABASS Alcyone models to be more suitable for this purpose. The control is assured by the micro SAMSUNG MMD430D Hi-Fi system, which also allows the use of a microphone connected to the auxiliary port.
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